Policy and Product Disclosure Statements


Below please find links to Community Underwriting’s commonly used policy documents. Should you require any additional information, please contact us on 8045 2580.

Current wording versions applying for new business and renewals:

Product Security Version Applying to New Business and Renewals from:
General Liability Berkley Insurance Company trading as Berkley Insurance Australia (Berkley) CUW GL 0521 1 May 21
Association Liability Berkley CUW AL 0521 1 May 21
Business Package Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance CUW BP 0521 1 May 21
Industrial Special Risks Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance CUW ISR 0521 1 May 21
Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance CUW PA 0521 1 May 21
Motor Vehicle Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance CUW MV 0521 1 May 21
Events Cancellation Berkley CUW EC 0521 1 May 21

Previous wording versions

Product Security Version
General Liability Berkley CUW GL 0720
  Berkley CUW GL 1219
  Berkley CUW GL 0419
  Berkley CUW GL 0516
  Calliden CUW GL 0214
Association Liability Berkley CUW AL 0720
  Berkley CUW AL 1219
  Berkley CUW AL 0419
  Berkley CUW AL 0516
  Calliden CUW AL 0214
Business Package MSI CUW BP 0920
  MSI CUW BP 0620
  MSI CUW BP 0717
  Berkley CUW BP 0516
Industrial Special Risks MSI CUW ISR 0920
  MSI CUW ISR 0620
  MSI CUW ISR 0717
  Berkley CUW ISR 0516
Voluntary Workers Personal Accident MSI CUW PA 0419
  MSI CUW PA 0717
  Berkley CUW PA 0516
Motor Vehicle MSI CUW MV 0419
  MSI CUW MV 0517
  Berkley CUW MV 0516
Events Cancellation Berkley CUW EC 0920
  Berkley CUW EC 0916