Property Insurance

Property Insurance provides cover for your buildings and contents if they are damaged by a defined event, such as fire, storm, impact damage, accidental damage, vandalism or malicious damage.

Our Business Package insurance also provides the following cover:

  • Business Interruption - cover for interruption or interference to your business caused by damage to property insured, under certain circumstances.
  • Theft - cover for your buildings and contents if they are lost or damaged as a result of theft.
  • Money - cover for money if it is lost or damaged by a defined event.
  • Glass - cover for breakage of fixed glass or advertising signs at your premises.
  • Machinery Breakdown - cover for the breakdown of machines, boilers or pressure vessels at your premises.
  • Electronic Equipment - cover for the breakdown of your electronic equipment.
  • Deterioration of stock
  • General Property - cover for general property (e.g. laptops and projectors) if lost or damaged while away from your premises.

Imagine this. Thieves break in to your organisation’s premises on the weekend and steal laptops and your new printer. On the way out, they leave a tap running, causing flooding and subsequent electrical issues as your power supply becomes water damaged.

The coming fortnight is your organisation’s major fundraising period for the year, but it’s impossible for the office to be used for safety reasons and your volunteers cannot undertake their tasks without computer access.

If your organisation holds Business Package insurance, you will be covered for the water and electrical damage to your building as a result of the theft. Your laptops and printer will be replaced and the glass windows broken by the thieves upon entry will be repaired.

The business interruption component means the insurer will effectively take the place of your fundraising “customers”, making up the resulting loss of gross profit caused by your inability to produce or supply “goods” to sell.

For an uninsured not for profit organisation, a “break and enter” such as the one outlined could lead to the demise of the organisation due to lost profits and inability to return the office to a safe operating environment. But for an organisation protected by a Business Insurance Package, such an occurrence will be no more than a short term inconvenience.

Does your organisation hold Business Package Insurance?

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