Target Market Determination (TMD)

Community Underwriting is committed to designing and distributing products that are likely to meet the needs and objectives of customers for whom they are intended - our target markets. To do this we work with the insurers for whom we act placing our customers at the centre of all stages of the product lifecycle.

What is a Target Market Determination?

TMDs support our commitment to meet the needs of our customers. A TMD is a document created by Community Underwriting that sets out:

  • who is in our target market and who the product is not designed for;
  • any distribution conditions and restrictions for this product;
  • review periods and events that may trigger a review;
  • reporting obligations of our distributors

A TMD is not a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and is not a summary of the product terms and conditions. Any advice provided in a TMD is general advice only. It has prepared without taking into account any person’s particular objectives, financial situations or needs.

We will have in place TMDs which guide the distribution of our products for appropriate target markets on our website from 5th October 2021.

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Motor Vehicle Insurance TMD
Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance TMD