Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance

It's a fact of life that vehicle accidents can and do happen. A community organisation can be held vicariously liable for any damage or injury caused by its drivers - whether the driver is a paid staff member or a volunteer. It does not matter who owns the vehicle: the community organisation or the driver.

To guarantee protection, a community organisation should purchase its own vehicle coverage. Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance covers loss or damage to motor vehicles insured by your organisation and your legal liability to third parties for property damage.

Features of our Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance also include:

  • Cover for loss of no claim bonus and / or reimbursement of excess, plus hire car cost, for insured vehicles owned by employees and volunteers, if their vehicle is lost or damaged while being used in the course of their employment or authorised volunteer work
  • No additional excess for young or inexperienced drivers

One of the leading causes of injuries to staff and volunteers - and of law suits filed against community organisations - is vehicular accidents.

This type of risk exists whenever a car, bus or other vehicle is used on behalf of a community organisation.

There are three main types of risks relating to transportation:

  • Drivers - operators of vehicles used need to be properly licensed, follow safety precautions and be adequately trained to drive the kind of vehicle used on behalf of the organisation
  • Vehicles - vehicle selection, condition and safety equipment, etc
  • Passengers - behaviour of passengers and their willingness to adhere to safety precautions such as use of seat belts

Many community organisations believe it’s acceptable to rely on their drivers’ assurances of maintaining adequate insurance coverage and assume that such coverage will adequately protect the organisation from liability. However, the driver’s policy limits may be inadequate, or the coverage may be cancelled or provided by an insolvent insurance company. Additionally, general liability policies held by community organisations often exclude vehicular risks.

Does your organisation hold Motor Vehicle cover as part of your insurance program?

If not, your staff, volunteers, vehicles and / or organisation could be at risk.

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Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance is issued by Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company Limited (ABN 49 000 525 637).

Please read and consider the Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance Product Disclosure Statement, before you make any decisions about this product.

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