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Some insurance solutions for Parents Associations are quite complex with confusing levels of coverage as well as difficult to understand and expensive add-ons. Following feedback from its members, Healthy Kids Association has worked with Community Underwriting to find an alternative that:

  • Is cost effective and simple in its delivery;
  • Provides a level of coverage to address the minimum exposures that face all P&C Associations; and
  • Clearly shows P&C insurance costs that are separate and transparent from any membership charge.

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The Risks faced by P&C Associations

Every Parents & Citizens Association - whether in a small country town or a large metropolitan centre - faces a range of risk exposures. Despite the fact that you may be a Not for Profit entity with a focus on your local school community, each organisation and the people who manage it, face a broad range of potential risks including:

  • Claims from third parties for personal injury or property damage;
  • Liability claims for breach of duty as an officer of the Association;
  • Claims for improper treatment of an employee;
  • Loss of canteen equipment, canteen and uniform stock and other P&C assets through fire, burglary, storm etc;
  • Theft of or fraudulent misappropriation of P&C funds or assets;
  • Deterioration of canteen stock due to the sudden breakdown of equipment;
  • Injury to an employee;
  • Injury to voluntary workers resulting in out of pocket expenses or more serious hardship.

More detailed information on the exposures faced by your Association can be found in our risk tip sheet  “P&C Association - What Are My Risks?“

Protecting P&C Associations

Community Underwriting provide Healthy Kids Association members with a competitive package which ensures a minimum level of insurance coverage for all Parents' Associations. Individual P&C's can then purchase cover for their specific requirements where necessary, from an easy selection of additional policy limits.

Download our brochure - Providing a Real Alternative for P&C Insurances

More detailed information of the insurances and resources available to P&C Associations are outlined below:

The Community Underwriting P&C Essentials Package recognises that every P&C Association needs to have access to a cost effective insurance solution that will respond to the needs of the P&C and its members.

The annual cost for the P&C Essentials Insurance Package is $775 inclusive of all charges (including GST). This applies for an Association that has been claims free for the last 3 years.

If you are a P&C Federation member, you can elect to take the public liability coverage included in the Federation membership and insure all other covers under the Essentials Package for an annual cost of $477.

Cover is still available for those Associations with claims in the last 3 years. It is important however for us to obtain details of these losses and understand any risk mitigation you have put in place to prevent future losses. We may apply a higher deductible or additional premium depending on the details provided.

Download the Coverage Summary

The P&C Essentials Insurance Package provides your Association with a minimum benchmark of insurance protection with automatic coverage for:

Damage to P&C assets including stock as a result of fire, malicious damage, weather events and other nominated perils including accidental damage (10% of the sum insured)  $5,000
Extra costs to maintain P&C operations following either loss of assets insured above or external events (e.g a school fire) $5,000
Theft of P&C assets including stock  $5,000
Theft or loss of money
Legal liability for personal injury or property damage to third parties $50m

Association liability including

  • Personal liability of the officers and the association entity
  • Professional liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • Loss of money or assets through fraud ($50,000 any one loss)
  • Statutory fines and penalties
  • Libel and slander / defamation
  • Tax audit expenses
  • Crisis consultancy expenses

* Note this is an aggregate limit for each Association with 1 automatic reinstatement of the limit during the policy period

Voluntary Workers Personal Accident
(Scale of benefits vary based on level of injury and age groups)
 $50,000 / $500 per week

This summary is intended to illustrate the key features of the package (for the complete terms and conditions you need to refer to the specific policy documents).

Some P&C Associations require additional cover for specific activities and/or higher limits of cover for property, money or volunteer workers. These are available as follows:

Machinery Breakdown
- Machinery breakdown $5,000
- Deterioration of stock (as a result of a breakdown of equipment) $2,000

Annual total cost $275

Additional Property Cover Above $5,000
Annual total cost $14 per additional $1,000 

Additional Money Cover Above $2,000
Annual total cost $10 per additional $1,000 

Include OOSH / After Hours & Vacation Care in General Liability
Include activities in liability annual total cost $140 for $50m 

Voluntary Workers Motor Vehicle Excess
Reimburses the loss of no claims bonus and excess paid by voluntary workers following an accident where a private vehicle is used on Association business $1,500

Annual total cost $75

To obtain cover under the P&C Associations Essentials Insurance Package we require some basic information about your P&C organisation, it's risk profile and claims history.

Please download the application form and forward it to Healthy Kids Association:

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[email protected]
Suite 1.02 38 Oxley Street St Leonards NSW 2065
(02) 9876 1300

Business Package (Incorporating Damage to Property, Business Interruption, Theft and Money Covers) 
Master Policy Schedule

General Liability
Master Policy Schedule

Association Liability 
Master Policy Schedule

Voluntary Workers Personal Accident 
Master Policy Schedule

Optional Insurances (Machinery Breakdown, Voluntary Workers Excess) 
Master Policy Schedule

Community Underwriting Financial Services Guide

P&C Associations can from time to time confuse their obligations to manage risk and the need to arrange insurance.

Arranging an insurance policy to cover some of your risk exposures does not necessarily mean that the association has adequately managed its risks. Even where an insurance policy is in place, the Association and its officers have an obligation to continue to take all reasonable steps to manage risks and reduce the likelihood of an incident.

Proper policies and procedures, adequate management, supervision and maintenance are all examples of this obligation. We have prepared the following risk sheets to assist Associations to analyse their specific risk exposures and develop strategies to avoid or mitigate risks.

General Risk Management
P&C Associations - What Are My Risks?
Risk Management vs Insurance
Managing the Risks Associated with Events

Work Health & Safety
What is Work Health and Safety?
O H & S Workplace Checklist
Work Heath & Safety Policy Template
How to Manage Work Health and Safety Risks

Working With Children
(Office of the Children's Guardian)

The Working with Children Check
Child safe for Kids - a Parents Guide
Work Deemed Child Related
What is Child-related Work
Volunteers Fact Sheet
Change your check from Volunteer to Paid Worker

Food Safety
Food Safety in School Canteens
Complying with Food Safety Standards
Canteen Cleaning Schedule Template
Food Safety following a Power Outage
Fridge Layout
Hand washing

It is important to note that the information provided in these Risk Sheets is general in nature and must always be considered against your organisations own risk profile and particular circumstances.

Healthy Kids Association is a non-profit, non-government health promotion charity based in Sydney.

Our mission is to promote and influence healthy food choices for children. Nowadays, one in four children in Australia are classified as being overweight or obese.

Our children are our future and we believe teaching healthy eating habits at a young age can change a person’s life for the better. We aim to educate and empower families, children and school canteens to make the healthiest choices possible.

To learn more visit our website.

Financial Services Guide
Community Underwriting Financial Services Guide

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Dispute Resolution
Clients who are not fully satisfied with our services should contact our Complaints Officer on 02 8054 2580.

If your complaint cannot be resolved to your satisfaction by us you have the right to refer the matter to the free consumer service offered by the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), of which we are a member. We also adhere to the General Insurance Code of Practice. Further information is available from our office, or contact the AFCA directly on 1800 931 678 or visit www.afca.org.au.

It’s our primary objective to provide the very best levels of service and expertise to Community Underwriting clients.

The Community Underwriting Service Team is ready to provide guidance and assistance in the unfortunate event that you need to submit an insurance claim. For all claims enquiries please contact Community Underwriting team on 02 8045 2580.

What to do in the event of a claim
In the event of a claim, please call Community Underwriting as soon as the loss is discovered on 02 8045 2580.

If we are not advised immediately, any action you take could prejudice your ability to claim on your insurance policy so we strongly recommend you call Community Underwriting as soon as possible.

Making a claim – what we need from you
Once you have notified Community Underwriting of your claim by telephone, a claim form must be submitted.

Claims forms and additional information can be found in the claims section of this website.

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