General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance is designed to protect against legal liability to pay compensation for personal injury to a third party, or damage to property belonging to a third party, if the incident occurs in connection with your organisation.

General Liability Insurance also covers your organisation for any legal liability to pay compensation where a third party is injured (or their property damaged) as the result of negligence, products manufactured, sold, distributed or supplied by your organisation.

Additionally, Community Underwriting's General Liability Insurance includes cover for:

  • Liability to volunteers who suffer injury whilst volunteering
  • Legal costs and expenses incurred when defending a claim
  • Liability caused by people on work experience

Note it is important to ensure that Product Liability is included in your policy if relevant. This is particularly important if you sell food or products, either as part of your day-to-day activities or as part of a fundraising effort.

The operating margin of a community organisation is usually fairly slim. Imagine then having to withstand the financial impact of a sudden liability. This situation could be potentially devastating to a community organisation’s operational future.

A General Liability Insurance policy will protect your organisation, staff, management committee, members and volunteers against any injury or property damage they may be responsible for while they are performing duties for or on behalf of your organisation.

This will ensure you can continue operating long into the future, doing what you do best - helping the community.

Does your organisation hold General Liability Insurance?

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