2017 Small Grants Program Recipients

Under our unique business model, Community Underwriting allocates five percent of our annual surplus to clients that have renewed their insurances with us. Our insurer partners Berkley Insurance Australia and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company provide additional contributions which enable us to respond to even more worthy projects.

We received a significant number applications again this year  for a diverse range of worthy projects and needs across the sector. This always makes the selection process quite difficult for the committee with a finite amount of funding. In our 4th year of the Grants Program we are proud to have assisted 24 terrific projects across the sector and more than 90 since we introduced the program. 

This year’s grants pool was larger than the three previous years and we are on track to grow this further for the 2017/18 period to provide an even greater number of our clients with additional funds to support them in the valuable work that they do.

Our annual brochure highlighting the recipient’s can be located on the NFP Resources page.